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Re: Star Wars saga on Blu-Ray announced

The Rifftrax guys did, indeed, do a commentary for the Holiday Special (you watch it with a copy you Got frOm yOur friend Greg, in LakE VIDEO, Illinois.) So that much wouldn't be too hard.

As much as I'm getting into BD now, I don't think I'd buy Star Wars on it. Frankly, I'm over Star Wars. I have the OT on DVD and that's all I need. Yes, it's the crappy over-animated and fudged with "special editions" but it suits my "needs" as much as possible I suppose. I'll buy the BD if there's a version released with the original movies cleaned up and adapted for modern TVs. No CGI BS edited in. Hell, I'll buy it if at the very least that remove the Greedo Shoots first/they shoot at the same-time nonsense.
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