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Re: Star Wars saga on Blu-Ray announced

My wish list is for the set to include both the Special Editions and the Original Editions. Since the originals were made on 35MM and all that, they can clean them up for HD easily enough. They were able to do it with that 35MM print of the lost initial edit of The Prisoner's first episode that was found in a closet somewhere and put on Blu-Ray.

I feel sad for people who hate Extras -- they're the best parts of DVD/BR releases as far as I'm concerned. If everything were just bare-bones we might as well stayed with VHS tape.

One extra I'd love to see is the Star Wars Holiday Special. Considering Lucas has gotten into bed with both the Family Guy and Robot Chicken guys, I can't see why he couldn't have some fun with this skeleton in his closet. Imagine including it with MST3K-style commentary, or Robot Chicken-animated deleted scenes. It'd be a blast. (Odds are, though, certain actors may not allow it to ever see the light of day again!)

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