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Re: Star Wars saga on Blu-Ray announced

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So first he'll release the "special editions" bare bones, then he'll release them with special features, then he'll release the original trilogy without the CGI additions but bare bones, then he'll release an ultimate box set with all six movies, the two versions of the original trilogy, the Clone Wars cartoon, the Ewoks cartoon, the Droids cartoon, the two Ewoks TV movies with Wilford Brimley, but leave out the special features for the box set with them.
That would be funny if that's what actually happened. There was only one re-release of the original DVD and it was to add a copy of the laserdisc version onto a separate disc because people were bitching about it so much. The first release had great features and a great transfer.
Quite honestly, I'd argue both of those bolded points there. The features would have been great for a 2001/02 release not a 2004 release, and they certainly weren't worth all the hype they gave us about "waiting to do them right", which was BS also. If they had simply released the Laserdisc boxset of the SE's in 1997, they would have taken a lot of the pressure off of themselves for very minimal effort, and we could have gotten a much nicer DVD set later on.
And there were also many issues with the transfers. There's scenes where Luke's lightsaber is white, and where Vader's is pink. There's numerous sound issues, ranging from unclear dialogue, to sound FX drowning out the score in certain places.

The DVD's could have been way better, and that's not getting into the absolutely insulting laserdisc transfers of the original, untouched versions of the trilogy they tried to foist on us.

And I've been reading discussion of this at some other forums, and I'm not sure I get all this buzz. It's a foregone conclusion that they've had something in the works, and until they give a firm date or specs, then it's just something else I'll push into the waiting room of my long term memory.
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