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Re: Transporters in everyday life

Beaming from place to place on a planet might in some ways be like making a cellphone call today. If you're out in the open you are dematerialized and your pattern/matter stream goes to a near-by transporter tower, from there your matter stream travels through a underground wave guide conduit (like a cable) to your destination, up into a different transporter tower and finally rematerialized at the spot of your choosing.

Going pad to pad would be easier, use less power, less resources and be cheaper. If either your dematerialize or rematerialize point was in the middle of nowhere, your matter stream would be routed through a satellite in orbit, muy expensive. Beaming into a private home would require the owners permission, he has a pad or you're using a nearby tower, without his permission the system won't even dematerialize you. Emergencies would over ride the permission provision, hopefully the police would require a warrent to enter unexpectedly. You would possess a security key to beam into your own home.

Most transporting would be through a public station, Pads in private homes might be pricey. High traffic destinations would have a large number of pads. You set your destination into your padd (everyone has one, like a cellphone) you touch it to a pedestal, are assigned a pad and you're gone.

I kind of imagine it being something like getting on and off a ski-lift.
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