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Re: Transporters in everyday life

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...However, talking about long distance transport, from city to city or continent to continent, I'd be very interested to see what transporters do to the existence of aircraft and water-borne ships. Are there any tankers in the future?
We know that people transport directly city-to-city. Nog and Ben Sisko transported regularly from San Francisco to New Orleans just for meals.

In the VOY episode "Non Sequitur", Kim transported from San Francisco to Marseille, France, and Starfleet security officers beamed directly to Kim's apartment in San Francisco.

Didn't Uhura man the transporter at "Old City Station" in The Search for Spock?

It's tough to say if transporters are common outside of Starfleet, but why wouldn't they be?

There are probably people who would avoid transporters at all costs, some would do it only reluctantly when unavoidable, and some who would beam anywhere at any time without hesitation. What proportions of each are in the population is the question.

Clearly, we need to see more civilians and civilian life in Trek!
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