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Re: Transporters in everyday life

As I said in another thread - I'm not sure that everyone would be so eager to use transporters if they don't need to, even if they had enough energy to waste, which I doubt. Let's not forget what transporters actually do - they take you apart and put your molecules back again. That in itself will be enough to creep out some people, and there is also a risk - statistically very small, but still existing - that a horrible accident might happen...

Besides, there is a pleasure in travelling itself, whether it is by car or bus or train or a plane or boat or whatever means of transport they have in the future, so if you're not in absolute rush to get somewhere, why not enjoy your trip? Bring a book to read, watch a movie (or whatever they do in the 24th century), watch the landscape you're passing by, get to know the people you're travelling with, have a nice conversation...
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