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Re: Chiron Intergalaxy – Mission Report

Chiron Intergalaxy – Mission Report
Report Level: Highly Secret
Date: Classified
Duration of Classification: Minimum Five Years, Classification remains in effect.
Clearance Level Validation:
To: S. W. Houston, C.E.O.
From: Chiron Modular Carrier Hercules
RE: We found a new Planet
Original Mission Objective:
This was a standard Stop and Drop for re-supply of Fed Ships in that area, and we stopped by Station DS9, to supply them with an additional 50 Photon Torpedoes. The replenishment for those facilities was without indecent.

Diversion from Mission Objective:
We had started back to Sector 001, and were approaching the Coridan system, when the Computer advised that it had sensed a “object” encroaching on our trajectory, and automatically brought the Ship out of Warp. We started some sensor sweeps of the area, and detected a large spherical object which had not been noticed by any Stellar Cartographic Report previously.

The Object was determined to be approximately the same Diameter as Earth’s Moon, with almost the same Gravity. Rearward projections calculated from its present position, indicated that it had entered the extreme outer edge of this System at a fairly low angle, and had been caught up by that Sun and it’s Planet, moving into Geosynchronous Orbit on the dark side of the Coridan Planet. This location makes this body extremely hard to detect, and we might have run into it, if the Computer had not shut us down. It is difficult to say with any certainty, if this sphere is part of the formal declared Coridan System given its distant position.

Thermal evaluation of the Planet surface, indicated an large amount of Tectonic Activity, though the actual temperature varied from region to region, an average was about 32° C. Upon consideration of other Safety Issues, it was determined that an Away Party could be launched.

Onboard Analysis of Materials:
The Away Mission returned without incident, bringing Soil and Atmosphere samples back for onboard analysis. Extra samples were taken for delivery to Corporate Laboratories.
The initial onboard analysis, determined that there were fragments of Dilithium in the Top Soil. The Gas Analysis determined that the atmosphere was not breathable. Given the findings of Dilithium in the initial Soil Sample, another Away Mission was scheduled, and this one included Drilling Equipment, to acquire Core Samples of the Planet’s Surface.

The secondary test of the Core Sample, provided significant concentrations of an extremely Hi Grade Generator Strata type Dilithium, which was ranging three Meters below the Surface, which is the extent of our Drilling depth capacity. Six Core Samples confirmed the consistency of the Strata, but it is recommended that a Survey Team be dispatched to make a more complete Essay of the availability of the material.

Once the importance of this find was established, I cloaked the Ship immediately, and did a Long Range Sensor Sweep of the area. No other ships were noted, and we remained Cloaked for the remainder of the temporary stop. No report of this find was transmitted to any other Vessel or area regulatory body, and we were well on our way back to Sector 001 before I shut the Cloaking System off.

Comments on Mission:
This Dilithium is REALLY good stuff ! Chiron needs to get back to this Planet ASAP with some Mining Equipment if it can, cause you don’t have to do much more than scratch the surface, and pick the stuff up in a Basket ! We found that the Strata was very concentrated at the lower depths of the Sample, which would indicate that there could be a very large amount available.
Erik A. Pressman, Capt. PCV Hercules

Follow Up Comments on Initial Report:
A: A Follow Up Mission was dispatched.
B: Analysis of the surface, indicated that the Strata of Dilithium was over 900 Meters deep over the complete subsurface of the Planet.
C: Preliminary Mining Equipment was placed on the Planet.
D: Additional permanent Equipment was placed on the Planet.
E: Continuing monitoring of any notice of this Planet has been conducted, with no notice indicated.
F: Chiron has been conducting Mining Operations continuously since the Follow Up Mission started.
G: Upon acquiring approximately 18 Metric Tons of product, it was decided to advise the United Federation of Planets (UFP) of the Planet’s existence.
H: Given the circumstances, it was determined by UFP that Chiron Intergalaxy Corporation was not operating outside any regulations, and a Contract for the delivery of this product to UFP resources was established.
I: Chiron Corporation has named this Planet “Ridan”, and installed appropriate permanent Occupational and Defensive presence thereon to assure the continuance of operations, and safety of personnel.
J: The Mining Operation continues to date, and remains a Highly Classified Project.
Authorization for recovery of Archived Report:
S. W. Houston, C.E.O.
Secure Link Forward to: FYI, Benjamin R. Maxwell, Capt. PCV Chiron.
CC-2000: Executed, Clear
Author & CEO of Chiron Intergalaxy Corp.
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