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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

I find it hard to believe that someone would recommend not watching what is arguably one of the best episodes of Trek as far as "TOS look-and-feel" until it is completed.

It's available now. It's been available for years. It's extremely good Trek! Well, true confession, I waited for a couple of years before watching it because I wanted to be able to see the full episode. BIG MISTAKE! It is such a great episode. Dennis Bailey outdid himself. The script is totally awesome! I am so gripped by this story, and so eager to see the final act.

How will it end?

I don't know, but the depth of character, the intensity of the crisis, the feel of a Kirk-kinda dilemma ... it's all there in The Tressaurian Intersection.

Three thoughts in closing...

1. I'm sure it will be completed (soon) because so many involved in the production have said that it is being worked on and is nearing completion.

2. I'd like to see it in a higher resolution. I wonder if it will be made available in higher res. I wonder where it will be made available. The Starship Exeter website still doesn't seem to be functional when it comes to watching the episodes. (They are available on youtube.)

3. I'm sad that it's been so many years and it seems unlikely that these guys will make any more episodes. They really had something going on. The ship, the crew, the look and feel of TOS -- it's awesome! The release of the final act will be a crowning achievement, a tribute to what they accomplished.
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