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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

Thanks! We've been hard at work all over the place despite a bout of pneumonia that my allergies gave a nice growth medium for...

Anyway, the center console's trim is ready, and we're going to paint it this weekend. The new template for the platform works to within one inch, so we're going with it, and we're cutting the boards for it.

We've been contacted by six actors/actresses who wish to appear in the film. We're meeting with two of them Saturday afternoon, another on Monday. We should have some cast announcements soon.

Our Klingon costumes have arrived, and we're hoping to shoot the Klingon scenes within the next two weekends.

We've gotten interest from another SWGA college, so we're looking forward to having access to even more talented people to help with the production.

We'll probably update our website with pictures on Sunday.

Lastly, due to my illness and real-life complications with our set construction manager, we're realizing that June is just not going to happen and are altering our plans accordingly.
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