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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

I am Evil Person, um i am a major trekkie, i hate it when people think startrek is some sort of starwars, i like starwars but not as much as star trek, Sorry starwars, im gonna let you finish, but startrek was and still is better, if only they would come out with a new series. OK well anyway i run 3 role playing forums and play on 4 others, all but one of them i startrek, it is so hard to come by a startrek rpg, so i made one, i run 2 starwars rpgs (based on request) and 1 Startrek RPG (no one plays is and i am looking for players, main reason i joined, becuase it is hard to find one and i am providing something for people to do in free time, instead of watching startrek you can play an active part in it, i have the trekkie nations best interest at heart) Anyway i hope to become an active member of this forum, and yah.......

This is the startrek site url btw, it was a difforent site, but the admin gave it to me because only like 1 thred was active, so just because there are members dont think that they play, they dont........but they do like startrek......anyway here is the url, both startrek rpg's on that site are playable.
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