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Re: Mortal Coilů Missed the Mark?

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The word "atheist" should not be capitalized.
Why not, it's a title discription for a group of people and a noun. Therefore I believe it gets captialized.
Nope. The word "politician" meets your criteria but it is not capitalized. The word "Democrat" is because it refers to the proper name of a specific political party. The word "atheist" is like the word "politician" in that it is a general term. There is no formal institution of atheism as there is of Christianity (fractured though it may be). There couldn't be. Atheism is only about what a person does NOT believe and says nothing about what one DOES believe. For instance, Secular Humanists and Objectivists (Google Ayn Rand) are very far apart philosophically even though both are atheists.
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