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Re: More Menacing Decepticons?

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In Transformers & ROTF...shouldn't the Decepticons have been more menacing? In the movies they are kinda a joke really...shouldn't they just be EVIL! And darker. I know that isn't how they are portrayed in the cartoons really...but for live action don't you think they should have kicked it up a notch???

The Decepticons in the movies LOOK pretty menacing but are just kind of anonymous really. I wouldn't even call them a joke. They're just ugly looking cannon fodder. In ROTF they actually have completely personality free soldier Decepticons that all look the same. I understand they are probably saving CGI budget, but one of the BEST things about Transformers is that each robot has it's own personality and abilities.

(Also, no uber-fans try to correct me by talking about Seeker clones, or Terrorcons or Insecticons or whatnot. I know all that stuff, but I meant IN GENERAL that was part of the appeal)
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