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Re: was ezri right in Tacking into the Wind - are Klingons hypocrites?

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I'd say that the area where the Cardassian society is very hypocritical/contradictory is their "family values". They say that the family is very important to them, but apparently it means that everyone must have a perfect biological nuclear family, while orphans have no rights and the society makes no effort to take care of them, and children born out of wedlock are seen as a disgrace and should be murdered.
I would say that to them, it isn't hypocrisy since everything has to submit to the law of the Cardassian state--and I suspect adultery is illegal if you get caught. Also, the Cardassian state has no tolerance for anything it sees as a "burden," and I think they see orphans as burdens upon society.

Of course, I do not agree with or endorse said view. I find it repugnant. But I believe that in the "orthodox" Cardassian mindset, there is no contradiction because the family, as highly valued as it is, is subordinated to the state.
I'm pretty sure that it was widely known that Dukat and many other Cardassians were having Bajoran mistresses. It was OK to do it as long as you don't talk publicly about it. But it is only an issue when there's a child involved, and when he decided to actually acknowledge that child? That's hypocrisy.

And what about orphans? Their parents didn't do anything illegal or shameful. They just died or got themselves killed, perhaps in the service of the state, and then after their death, their children end up on the street and the state doesn't care. And I fail to see how this is a good thing for the state and the society. Is it an incentive for people to fight for the state? Hell no. How is it good for any society to have people living in poverty and starving? Maybe some of those children would go on to become great scientists or war heroes. As Vulcans would say, there is no logic in that.

Besides, you'd expect that in a society that values family, it would extend to relatives other than the nuclear family. Yet apparently, while it is a shame to abandon one's (legal) child, uncles, aunts and other relatives are not required to take care of their relatives' orphaned children? All those orphans we saw on Bajor must have had some relatives somewhere on Cardassia, I doubt that all their relatives, including the distant relatives, were dead.
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