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Re: Nearly 800,000 U.S. TV households 'cut the cord'

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Less than a percent, so not really much to try and draw a trend from, especially if you consider that some of it is likely a result of the current economic situation, and not because of choice or finding the internet/netflix more convenient...
It's just a fraction of the market, but there's still enough data to pull out a general trend.
Disagree. Not really talking about a big enough number yet to draw any conclusions or trends. This article, plus the ones you showed, also want to attach meaning to the small number, and why they did it. With the economy in the shitter, could just be too expensive to keep cable or satellite. When the economy rebounds, and some of these people get cable again, it won't be a trend towards the internet/netflix dying, it'll be about money, just like a big chunk of the people that went TO the internet before the recession.
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