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Re: How Thor breaks down racial barriers in Asgard

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More "representational" bullcrap. Let's have a latino Superman,
Yes, let's, that's not a bad idea. Superman is after all a migrant (from OUTER SPACE) and it wouldn't be hard to draw comparisons with that and the Latino experience in the States.

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Oh, come now. That there are differences between Europeans of many Meditterreanean countries including Greece and northern European countries isn't something all that remarkable; but casting has often favoured northern European actors (Star Trek's Apollo, for example).
Well, of course, particularly in productions by northern Europeans (just like Britons are usually called on to play French characters in English-language versions of The Three Musketeers). It's not nearly the same thing in terms of difference
Yes, Englishmen playing the French isn't remotely the same.
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