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Re: Star Trek: Lambda Paz

Partial transcript of 8 February 2375 edition of The Bek Gillen Program

Gillen Bek: Needless to say, all of us who were around during the Occupation did things we were not proud of. And I’m not talking about just the massacring of civilians. People took up jobs that required doing morally reprehensible things in order to make ends meet, to make sure their families were taken care of. When you consider the great many families still living in poverty, it breaks your heart. I visited a center for war orphans last month. It got me choked up.

But back to what I was previously talking… Excuse me for a second… Many of us who were farmers, laborers, artists, sculptors gave up those professions to fight against an oppressive enemy. They were superior to us in so many ways. We had no outside help. And we can continue to prosper without outside help. You need to let your voices be heard. But not like this. This was not how it was supposed to happen.

I’m talking about the near destruction Starbase G-6 and every surrounding ship within a million kilometers. Fighting the Cardassians desensitized many of us to the act of murder. But we must never learn to devalue sentient life. Had that explosion not been averted, the death toll would have been catastrophic. The Cardassians were notorious for devaluing Bajoran life. We were nothing more than a means to an end; their ends as much they claimed to have our own interests. They would sell out their own families to remain loyal to their government. We are supposed far above that. This is not the answer.

Epilogue 2
Bek never actually shed a tear, though that appeared to be case to his audience. He stepped into dressing room after he finished recording the program. He did not turn on any lights even after he closed the door. No one else was physically present, but he did start to feel another consciousness interacting with his own.

“I did what you asked,” Bek stated. “I disassociated myself from those who nearly destroyed the starbase.”

“You may now have twelve hours free from us,” a raspy feminine voice replied. “Now they should be less likely to suspect outside influences.”
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