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Re: Star Trek: Lambda Paz

Epilogue 1
Limis, Markalis, and M’Rev stared into the transparent stasis container housing the dead parasitic lifeform. They were both fascinated and intimidated by it, as this parasite was most likely behind the catastrophe that was narrowly averted. Whatever these beings’ intentions were, they were clearly using the situation on Bajor as a cover for their own goals. That would probably answer the question of what these rogue Bajorans were hoping to accomplish by the mass destruction of ships in the Seventh Fleet.

“This lifeform,” M’Rev told the others, “was behind the Starfleet conspiracy thwarted by the Enterprise-D in 2364. What they were planning then still remains a mystery.”

The three officers observing the parasite in a makeshift science lab adjacent to sickbay all stood up straight. “That would explain why the stun setting was not enough to incapacitate its host,” Markalis added. “My medical school dissertation was on exosymbiosis. This creature, when it infects a humanoid host, significantly enhances the production of adrenaline, in effect giving the host superior strength resulting in a near immunity to non-lethal phaser settings.”

“Hard to believe that thing could have brought about so much destruction,” Limis mused. “And we haven’t seen the last of them.”

“Why do you say that?” M’Rev asked, raising one eyebrow.

“Last year, I was dispatched to foil a plan by Teero Anaydis to use his mind control techniques on the Council of Ministers.”

“I’ve heard of him,” M’Rev replied. “He was banished from the Maquis for his methods.”

“He got away, and we arrested a few of his co-conspirators. But we couldn’t get any information from them.”

“Doctor Bashir and I could never make sense of exactly what caused their deaths,” Markalis recalled. “It was as if every system in their bodies shut down. That happened with Crewman Saul.”

“These neural parasites probably know how to better cover their tracks,” Limis offered. “After their failed subversion of Starfleet Command, they’ll be harder to track. We could be dealing with a threat far greater than even that of the Dominion.”
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