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Re: How Thor breaks down racial barriers in Asgard

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"Diversity" casting is the most egregious sort of stunt casting. Any producer or director who would cast on that basis is more concerned with "making a statement" than producing a good movie.

Still interested in the film, but this definitely counts against it.
I have a lot more confidence in Kenneth Branagh's abilities as a film director than I do in your opinions of his casting choices.

Thor is going to be awesome.
Then perhaps, oh sage, you might enlighten me as to what this casting choice actually BRINGS to the project other than a few press releases touting a "diverse" cast?

A filmmaker's first priority and duty is to the FILM, not to making political/social statements.
You're assuming Branagh is attempting to make a political/social statement, when in fact this is simply him following an established pattern of casting actors he thinks will be a good fit for the role and a good fit for the overall film, regardless of their skin color. (e.g., his casting of Denzel Washington in Much Ado About Nothing, Adrian Lester in Love's Labours Lost, Lester and David Oyelowo in As You Like It, along with the liberties he took in terms of time and place with Hamlet, Love's Labours Lost, and As You Like It).

As Greg pointed out, this is not a straight-up faithful retelling of Norse mythology; it's a movie based on a comic book that has long played fast and loose with that mythology, so I don't see any problem with Branagh being allowed to tweak it as he sees fit. Certainly the other Marvel-based films of the past decade have felt free to discard or rewrite various characters as it served the story. If this ruins Thor for you, that's your problem, not anyone else's.
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