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Thread bump.

Just finished ME2 about half an hour ago. Amazing game, though I did find it a bit short in terms of side-missions. I didn't visit every planet though, so maybe I missed a few things.

Started with an import from ME1 with a paragon infiltrator Shepard that let the council die. Wasn't intending to import that one, but I couldn't tell the difference between the files at the start. Followed pretty much the same track in this game, maxing out on paragon with some renegade leanings (notably, I left the base intact for Cerberus).

However... Garrus died in the mission. He was the only one that bit the bullet (or rocket as it appeared to be). I sent him through the ventilation shaft. My whole team was loyal, but he's the one that ended up dying.

All in all, very good game.

Oh yeah, I've gotta say that Mordin Solus is my favourite character in that one. Very short. And to the point. And I loved the Gilbert and Sullivan routine he did once.
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