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Re: was ezri right in Tacking into the Wind - are Klingons hypocrites?

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I'd say that the area where the Cardassian society is very hypocritical/contradictory is their "family values". They say that the family is very important to them, but apparently it means that everyone must have a perfect biological nuclear family, while orphans have no rights and the society makes no effort to take care of them, and children born out of wedlock are seen as a disgrace and should be murdered.
I would say that to them, it isn't hypocrisy since everything has to submit to the law of the Cardassian state--and I suspect adultery is illegal if you get caught. Also, the Cardassian state has no tolerance for anything it sees as a "burden," and I think they see orphans as burdens upon society.

Of course, I do not agree with or endorse said view. I find it repugnant. But I believe that in the "orthodox" Cardassian mindset, there is no contradiction because the family, as highly valued as it is, is subordinated to the state.

ProtoAvatar--I am not even going to dignify your ranting and ridiculously incorrect assertions about my character with any more of a response than to say that I think that however much the Cardassians have screwed up (and they have, royally), they at least have a chance to improve because they got hit upside the head hard enough, because they lost one too many times. As for the rest, I believe there's more than sufficient evidence. And I would suggest that you avoid the personal remarks towards me--I'm not going to ask again.
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