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Re: What can the iPad be used for?

You know, one crazy idea that would suddenly make this work a WHOLE lot better for me, though I know it would add to weight and complexity: make the iPad in a tablet style, where I could flip open and twist the screen lid around - and have an e-Ink display on the opposite side for eBook/PDF/Doc reading. As light and ultra-thin as both the LED backlight and the e-Ink display are, it's do-able, though the mechanical design and weight would become more critical.

Crazy, I know, but that one design change, if the price point could be equal, suddenly makes this a virtual no-brainer for the e-Book market. To go from $200-$250 to $500 for a larger screen and all the extra internet capability, is a pretty good deal. Still needs a copule of buttons - a least on the e-Ink side.

I still fret over internet security on these types of devices, but video playback and basic web services would make that suddenly a lot more interesting...

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