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Re: How Thor breaks down racial barriers in Asgard

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Though as far as casting goes there has been a suspicious and of course unremarkjed on tendency for Greek gods to be cast as northern European whites; which is never really seen as a big deal.
To most people's minds, Europeans are Europeans, all white to one degree or another (and, of course, there's centuries of art depicting them that way).
Oh, come now. That there are differences between Europeans of many Meditterreanean countries including Greece and northern European countries isn't something all that remarkable; but casting has often favoured northern European actors (Star Trek's Apollo, for example).

Many of these stories have made quite innovative use of world mythology, and these mythologies were hardly watertight in their continuity anyway (Greek mythology puts the DCU to shame in terms of differing versions and retcons).
It's not a matter of continuity and more one of tone, which is why I said I don't like. It's an appropriation and transmogrification of the mythos into a cheeseburger; a pop culture commodity. Inevitable, perhaps, but not something I'm keen on.
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