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Re: Does The Enterprise Orbit

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^ No, because they used the exact same FX for every type of orbit in every episode of TOS. The only thing that changed is the color of the planet.
Addition - the only things that changed are the color and rotation direction of the planet. Sometimes it went with the Enterprise's direction of travel and sometimes it did not.
I would need to see an example of that, since as far as I know this is not the case.
Here are a few that I recently remembered seeing that you can see the different rotation FX used in:

The Mark of Gideon -> planet spinning counterclockwise (if viewing axis from the top of the screen down)

Enemy Within -> planet spinning clockwise (axis tilted toward viewer and to the left)

Miri -> planet spinning counterclockwise (axis tilted to the right and similar to Enemy Within since it is probably a reverse angle as you described)

Court Martial -> planet spinning clockwise (axis tilted to the left)
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