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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

A Deck
Main Bridge
Watch Officer (Captain, Executive Officer, or a Command Officer attached to the Operations Department)
Helm Control Station (En x3)
Navigation Control Station (Lt(jg), En x2)
Science Station (Cm, CPO x2)
Tactical Station (Lt, CPO x2)
Communications Station (Lt-Cm, CPO x2)
Internal Security Station (En, CPO x2)
Damage Control Station (Cr x3)
Environmental Station (Cr x3)

Transporter (2-man)

Docking Port One (VIP)
Upper Navigational Sensor Array
Forward & Lateral Navigational Sensor Arrays
Emergency Battery Banks (2)

B Deck
Briefing Room One
Captain’s Ready Room
Yeoman (PO)
Executive Officer’s Office
Yeoman (PO)
Officers’ Observation Lounge High Bay

C Deck
Officers’ Dining Mess
Officer’s Observation Lounge
Ward Rooms(2)
Senior Chef (PO)
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