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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

Well I've finished trawling through the plans of the ship using Strategic's plans as a decent guide. I somehow managed to end up with the right number of crew, although most of them might end up being engineering technicians and I still think my science teams need a bit of work. I did notice that there doesn't appear to be any areas set aside for the executive branch (no personnel offices, records office, or legal office), I can't work out where the Quartermaster's Office should be, and I bunged the Operations Officer in the Power Distribution Room, because that's where he could carry out functions similar to Ops in TNG, but it doesn't feel quite right to have him way down in the bowels of the ship. I stuck with 3 8-hour shifts and proceeded on the assumption that the labs wouldn't ordinarily be running 24-7. Damage Control crews are manned on a rota so off duty personnel move to designated assembly areas to form thier teams when General Quarters is sounded. Similarly, it seems to me that you only need one functional manned transporter in each hull ordinarily. Additional chiefs would head to other units when General Quarters sounds.

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