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Speaking of dog food, and vegetarian dog food in particular, we recently transitioned our dogs (on the vet's recommendation) to Purina HA (hypo-allergenic), which has a soy protien base. I wasn't too sure about this move, but we've been through everything and our guys (especially the chocolate) are just allergic to everything, it seems.

We had been feeding venison and potato HA, then duck and sweet potato, and they still had issues. So, we decided to give this a try (after checking it out online.) I have to say, it seems to be doing really well by them both. No more ear infections, no weepy eyes, not chewing on the feet, and most importantly, no more diarrhea.

We used to supplement our guys' diets with veggies and other foods, but discovered they're allergic to green beans and eggs, don't like carrots, are not fans of leafy things, and cabbage makes them fart.

So, it's just the kibble for now, with a fish oil supplement.

Ah, kids ....
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