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Re: Twin Peaks: The Review Run


Yes, The conclusion to the murder story is so great. For all the complaints Lynch and Frost had about solving the murder so early, They sucked it up and did it perfectly.

Another fun question, What moments or plots do you enjoy after the conclusion of the murder story, excluding the final episode and FWWM?

Even though the quality dropped, I thought there was still a lot to enjoy in Twin Peaks. Gordon Cole had his best scenes later in the series.That Cooper, an FBI agent, thinks being a small town cop is such a noble thing and is nervous that he won't live up to it is hilarious. There was also Fox Mulder in drag.

I think I would say the show was still funny, but the drama was gone. I did like the conclusion of the Jean Renault story, and some of the stuff leading up to the black lodge was okay. I think the chess game was promising, but would've been far more dramatic if they killed off actual characters.
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