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Re: was ezri right in Tacking into the Wind - are Klingons hypocrites?

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It was Bajoran faith that saw them through the Occupation and the Dominion War.
Ro Laren would disagree.
For some (probably many) Bajorans, faith in the Prophets helped them not lose hope during the Occupation. That doesn't mean that anyone who was not religious was going to be depressed, hopeless, suicidal or unable to survive. People are different and find strength and hope in various ways. It would be pretty silly to claim that everyone needs religion in their lives or that nobody could possibly derive hope, peace or ethical principles without it, just as it would be silly to deny that it is beneficial to some people.

It is also silly to claim that Bajoran religion is inherently associated with, say, slow development of technology, or a caste system - without evidence that there is any causal link there.
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