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Re: What can the iPad be used for?

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hey guys, i'm struggling to see what the iPad can do really well that an iPhone or a notebook can't?

no multi-tasking, no camera, etc.

i've heard the CPU is powerful, but how powerful is it compared to the iPhone? more than twice as powerful?

someone mentioned it will be attractive to gamers. i don't know many gamers who would be willing to drop $500 on a machine like this.

what do you guys think?
Multi-tasking will be supported via software update this fall on the iPad, so will it be supported on iPhone 3GS with iPhone OS 4.0.

It isn't a complete laptop replacement, but for some people, it will be. For example, for me, it would completely replace my laptop when I travel because I use my laptop for A) being entertained on long flights - iPad check B) Surfing the Internet and checking email - iPad check C) Taking notes in meetings and or recording the audio - iPad check

I carry a small laptop around for all that, but honestly, it is too much for my needs, too bulky, as someone mentioned takes time to boot up and shutdown, have to set it somewhere like your lap where it is farther away, is heavier.

I like the format of iPad type devices, smaller, lighter, faster to get going on. It has all the features I need when I travel and will be easier to manage. iPhone could probably do the same stuff, but the screen is small, and honestly I'd prefer a bigger screen, like the iPad, but still have an easier to manage format than a laptop.

I'm not however closed minded to other devices in the same format as the iPad. HP has some good competition coming for the iPad, and I will look at that device as well and see which one suites me best. I do however love the 3G deal included with the 3G version of the iPad, I think it is a good value in terms of surf anywhere pricing. I love the idea of these tablets/slates though, and for me, I can see it replacing my notebook quite easily.
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