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TWOK on Bluray FX question

Hey there, for those with TWOK on Bluray, I was watching the last half hour and noticed that the FX shots of the Enterprise and Reliant around Regula, including the shot of the Enterprise under Regula, and the tilt up past the planetioid, to reveal the Reliant above near the station are completely desaturated in color. Also the shots of the Ent and Reliant leaving orbit of Regula are "almost" black and white!? My DVD copy shows these with a warm tone, Regula is quite brown in hue on the DVD, but the Bluray has a totally different look? Almost like they used unfinished effects footage for this print. All other FX in the film look great.

Just wondering if anyone else sees that difference? I'm watching on a very high-end system, including a full 1080p DLP projector, and the rest of the film, as well as other Bluray discs look cinema perfect.
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