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Re: was ezri right in Tacking into the Wind - are Klingons hypocrites?

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The Klingons are definitely hypocrites, but no more so than the Federation.

The Klingons talk a big game about honor, but then constantly act dishonorably.

The Federation talks a big game about understanding and acceptance, but then constantly judges others by UFP standards.
That's because the Federation actually follows its moral code.
The alternative is not applying this moral code when it comes to others - aka betraying its morals. The prime directive streches the limit of its morality as it is.

The klingons's honor code, on the other hand, changes with the situation.
And the cardassians' morals - well, ask bajorans about it.

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Shran--you pretty much summed it up as far as I'm concerned.
Envy is NOT a desirable trait, Nerys Ghemor.
How are Cardassians schizophrenic/inconsistent?

Cardassia always was a fascist/authoritarian society, that ruthlessly put down its enemies. The Occupation of Bajor is wholly consisent with Cardassian morals. How often do Starfleet officers say that they never hope to be a Cardassian prisoner? Ruthlessness is part of Cardassian moral behaviour.
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