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Re: was ezri right in Tacking into the Wind - are Klingons hypocrites?

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It was Bajoran faith that saw them through the Occupation and the Dominion War. It was Sisko's coming to faith that allowed him to be the Emmissary that the Bajorans needed to seal away the Pah Wraiths once and for all.

That some people do bad things in the name of religion does not necessarily make the religion bad (depends on the religion).
that's how my namesake who based her claim to power on religion argued, while the armed resistance probably claimed all the credit for their fight. actually, the instinct for survival seems to have evolved over the eons, and is a property of life.
weren't the pah wraiths the very same species like the prophets, in fact a faction of the prophets that lost a struggle for the power and got exiled? isn't the whole story really silly, because if they exist at any point of time, they must have known their attempt to leave the fire caves, and destroy the competition as well as a number of lesser species will fail? shouldn't they have known their uprising in the wormhole is doomed to fail in the first place?
the next sentence is false. the previous sentence is true.
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