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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

Week 28: (Ending 05.18.97)
DS9 - Blaze Of Glory (Airdate 05.12.97)
VOY - Worst Case Scenario (Airdate 05.14.97)
B5 - Rumors, Bargains and Lies (Airdate 05.15.97)

Maquis Week! Well, close enough anyway.

So Eddington gets his big send-off, and a good one at that. At the same time though, it's a shame he goes when he does, as he and Sisko were developing quite the intriguing adversarial dynamic between them. It'd be interesting to watch where they could have gone with them had they decided to explore further potential conflicts between the two. Ah well, out in a blaze of glory indeed.

VOY was pretty fun this week. Yes, even the malfunctioning holodeck jeopardy bit, as out of leftfield as it was. I really enjoyed Tuvok throughout this though, from first it being revealed he was behind the original program (I suspected as much, given the title), to his prideful, protective actions towards the program when Paris takes it upon himself to finish it. Not to mention his improvisation once Seska's Easter Egg is unleashed (and hey, it was nice to see her one last time ...this is the last time, right?).

And B5? Rather quiet and understated regarding the Delenn plot, and quite amusing regarding the Sheridan plot. In fact, the Sheridan plot kind of recalls back to the silly Drazi Green/Purple story from S2, perhaps because it was directed by Vejar in both instances. Still, this was a good episode, balancing drama and comedy quite well.

Man, tough call here. I liked all of these, each for their own unique-to-the-show reasons. In the end, I'm going with the character pairing I enjoyed the most: Sisko-Eddington. The Delenn-Neroon stuff was still good though, and Tuvok-Paris was simply a fun diversion. I just liked the closure we got with Eddington here, whereas B5 ends on something of a quiet cliff-hanger.

Anyhow, VOY has its season finale next week, and hints at being something quite Eventful. Might B5 or DS9 send in something just as competitive? Mmn, with a title like that, I'm not sure if B5 is...

Weekly Winner

DS9 - Empok Nor
VOY - Scorpion
B5 - Moments Of Transition
DS9 Versus
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