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Re: was ezri right in Tacking into the Wind - are Klingons hypocrites?

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DS9 - Just about any Starfleet officer's, other than Sisko in the later seasons, reaction to the Bajoran religion.

VOY - False Profits - Janeway, using Human standards, flat out rejects any concept that the Takarian religion might be correct or in any benefical.
do you want to say religions are beneficial? 'false profits', two ferengi set themselves up as gods on a primitive planet to benefit no one but themselves. the bajorans, setting up some sort of wormhole aliens as gods, and claiming they want bajor to live in an oppressive cast society. i don't see any benefits other than for the members of the high castes, and those who claim their power to decide the fate of bajor is given to them by the prophets. centuries ago, the bajorans were more advanced then humans, but while humans threw all that trash overboard and established the federation, bajor remained trapped in a dark age, and became an easy prey for an aggressive species.
if starfleet has nothing but contempt for the pointless mumbojumbo which religions are, i certainly agree.
the next sentence is false. the previous sentence is true.
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