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Re: How Thor breaks down racial barriers in Asgard

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It shouldn't really surprise anyone familiar with Kenneth Branagh's film work; he's a devotee of casting anyone, regardless of race/period considerations. His versions of Hamlet (set in 19th century Denmark) and Much Ado About Nothing (set in 18th century Italy) have all kinds of minorities, in the latter case with Denzel Washington as a nobleman.
On the other hand, that would've really messed up Othello, where casting Iago as (well, firstly someone other than himself) someone also descended from sub-Saharan Africans (not technically correct in Othello's case, iirc, but probably more relevant) would have made the film completely dissonant.
It's one thing to not pay attention to race if the story is explicitly about race, and another to not pay attention to race when it's entirely immaterial to the story.

It's not to the same level as that example, but it's an odd choice here too. Would you cast a white guy as Kokou, a Yoruba warrior god?
Depends on the story, doesn't it? If it's something as wildly fantastical that plays completely fast and loose with Yoruba mythology the way that Thor plays fast and loose with Nordic mythology - then who cares? Thor exists in a complete fantasy world filled with impossible creatures. The filmmakers are supposed to worry about real-world racial conventions in that case?

Personally, I'm much more worried by the vividly red fur Heimdall is wearing in that drawing than the idea of someone with brown skin playing him. What the hell kind of creature did he supposedly skin to get that? Something that is complete fantasy, I'm guessing - pointing up how little reality matters in this fictional world.
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