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Re: Star Trek: Unspoken Truth - Discussion (Spoilers)

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Yeah, the reference to Saavik's chestnut curls makes it clear it's meant to be Curtis.
That did clinch it, didn't it?

I needed to make a decision at the start in order to see and, especially, hear the character in my mind as I was writing.

This book is set between The Pandora Principle and Vulcan's Heart (much closer to the former). IIRC, those authors were careful not to give much if any physical description of the adult Saavik (though there's a lot about her as a child in The Pandora Principle), and I suppose the cover art might have had some effect on my decision, but the main influence was the "voice," and it was Curtis's voice that spoke to me.

That in turn affected the body language, the mannerisms, the facial expressions (always tricky with Vulcans). And, yes, I was aware as I was writing that there's strong partisanship around each actress, and some Kirstie Alley fans might have preferred I'd made a different choice, but as any writer can tell you, sometimes the characters decide for you.
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