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Re: Is there a lack of creativity in NuBSG Costumes and culture Lack

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Here is the relevant port of the Series Bible regarding the contemporary look of the show:
Culture and Society

Colonial society is very similar to 21st century Earth society and can be considered a parallel world for all intents and purposes. People watch TV, they follow professional sports, they use telephones, drive cars, have apartments, battle bureaucracies, wear ties, etc. etc.

This is a deliberate creative choice -- we are not trying to present a society of "weird space people." The people of Galactica and their world have been intentionally designed to evoke present-day American society as a way of drawing the viewer into the drama instead of wowing them with the trappings of a completely fantastical culture and society. Clearly, there are differences, but our creative intention is to make this series about us, rather than a fictitious them.
I initially misread this as from the Caprica series bible. But it is the same franchise and Caprica is the series with costume issues. BSG proper had uniforms and (supposedly) random scraps of travel clothing.

To answer the question, given the imitation of Mad Men, no.

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