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Re: Did First Contact change the timeline?

Didn't Picard state in "Q Who" that the Borg now know about the Federation because of the events of "Q Who"? It was never established that a transmission of any sort brought the Borg to the Alpha Quadrant, AFAIK.

When Cochrane looked at the Enterprise-E in the telescope in ST:FC, I admit I did have the thought that the saucer/nacelle configuration of all future Starfleet vessels was born then. There was nothing leading toward that design configuration up until that point. Cochrane did have a 2-nacelle design, but nothing to lead toward a saucer shape for the crew portion of a ship.

When you think about it, how could the things he and Lily saw not affect their future activities & decisions? And it's not like they were unknown bums in an alley accidentally phasering themselves. They were very influential people in what was to come.
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