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Re: Sonya Walger: Genre babe of the week #11 (April 2010)

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What she has over most of these women is an ability to act.
Extra points!! Damn almost missed some of these babes. In my haste I must have shotgun blasted Aragorn and must have accidentally putting him on ignore, usually I only hit the Craprica/Battlestar/Dollhouse fanatics Unless he really is a Dollhouse/Craprica fanatic? Even so all is forgiven, I can never hold a grudge against anyone running a Genre Babe thread
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Thumbs way up. Sheesh.. the people on this board have a serious deficiency in their taste of women.
Some funny ones get through At times I've seen the ugly chick next door get +90% thumbs up Then an all round babe score 50% I guess some people are picky or its just we're getting older?
It would be interesting to know the age set around here.....

I mean I remember thinking that Farrah Fawcett was the most beautiful woman on the planet when I was a little kid. LOL

And I'd give a woman like Raquel Welsh (the ultimate GILF) a HUGE thumbs up. 70 years old and she still looks insanely beautiful.

40. And Farrah Fawcett wasn't even the hottest chick in Charlie's Angels. That honor would go to Jaclyn Smith. I'd actually put Farrah 5th.
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