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Re: What can the iPad be used for?

Well, I got to play with an iPad for a good while at the Apple store this weekend, and my reaction was a resounding....


Sorry, I just don't get it. I mean, it was cool, for like the first 5 minutes, then it was just kind of annoying. The fact that it looked a bit nasty from a thousand hand/finger prints didn't help.

The games they had on it at the Apple store were just kind of annoying (one driving game looked cool at first, but got old quickly).

I tried the book-reader, and I had two major complaints - one, the screen is glowing, and I couldn't figure out immediately how to dim it, which is hard on the eyes (and the battery life), and two, I couldn't figure out how to hold it and flip the pages single-handedly - at least not easily. It is a bit heavy after a good while, which I guess is three complaints.

Beautiful, to be sure, but I'd never trust it to do more than casual web surfing (certainly would never "pay bills" like the iPhone commercial I saw today). If I was into facebook as much as my wife, maybe I'd be more enthused - but even she said she'd rather have an iPhone.

I have an iPod Nano for music and videos on -the-go, a Kindle for reading (it simply is much lighter, easier on the eyes, and easier to use), a blackberry for work/phone/email, and a laptop for serious Internet stuff. And I'm perfectly OK with those being separate devices.

I simply don't have a use for a $500 device that tries to do all of those things - but does none of them really well...

Make an iPad with an Intel I series processor, Anti-virus and firewall, that can switch to LCD reflective mode, is a lot lighter, and has some basic buttons, maybe.

It's a neat concept, and if they'd beaten the e-book readers to market, they might have cornered the market beforehand. But now, I just didn't see the point...

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