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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

Week 27: (Ending 05.11.97)
DS9 - Children Of Time (Airdate 05.05.97)
VOY - Displaced (Airdate 05.07.97)
B5 - Conflicts Of Interest (Airdate 05.08.97)

And now it's DS9's turn for a High Concept Sci-Fi Episode! Only, in this case, they remember to also bring in a strong character element.

Well, I guess this was a bitter-sweet cake for all the Kira-Odo 'shippers out there. Finally - finally - Odo's feelings come out in the open, yet it's from an old-timey Odo who's had 200 years of reflective regret over never letting Kira know how he felt. Oh, and he decides to sacrifice a whole colony of folks, including himself, to save her. Um, thanks? That puts young Odo in quite the awkward position, don't it? And with something like that finally out in the open, where can the two go from here? Oh, and the rest of the episode was pretty good too.

Over on VOY, another relationship dynamic seems to be brewing, and quite sensibly at that. I suppose it helps when you start pairing off your regulars, you have the freedom to let it grow over the course of a few episodes (er, provided you don't let Braga have it play out over a series of 'dream'/'wack genetics' episodes). The rest of the plot is standard Saturday Morning cartoon fare: evil aliens take over ship, good guys outwit evil aliens because evil aliens are too stupid to improvise when their Master Plan backfires. I'll pass, thanks.

And Garibaldi gets to carry an episode on his own over on B5, and thankfully getting something good this time! Well, it's a fairly typical 'private detective is hired to protect former flame' plot, but executed quite well by throwing in some B5 traits into it (out foxing telepaths!). In the end, it was a strong outing for Garibaldi, showing that although he may not be on Sheriden's side anymore, he's still working for what he feels is the right thing (even if it is now cloak'n'dagger shenanigans). And Zathras! Or, no wait, that wasn't Zathras. It was Zathras. No, wait, I'm getting Zathras mixed up with Zathras again. (seriously, quite a fun scene, and all in one take! I wonder how much Choate improvised it, if at all)

Still, DS9 had the strongest outing of them all this week. It delivers yet another gut-punch of character drama, with a clever sci-fi story thrown in for good measure.

Weekly Winner

DS9 - Blaze Of Glory
VOY - Worst Case Scenario
B5 - Rumors, Bargains and Lies
DS9 Versus
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