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Tasha Yar was the effing Security Chief. How much more labor intensive does the job need to be before wearing a skirt becomes a ludacris notion for you?
Did you ever watch the show?

Tasha wore a skant once, in one scene, at the very end of "Encounter at Farpoint", the pilot episode.
And it was stupid. The fact that they only had her do it once neither negates that it happened or how stupid it was when it did. If anything it reaffirms that the idea was terrible and so they abandoned immediately after using it. I thought it was stupid. They thought it was stupid. Questions?

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Also, by your recommendation, no 21st century airline stewardess should ever wear a skirt on duty, since she never knows when the plane might crash, and her legs might get covered in sparks.
If you really think there's no difference between a 24th century star ship exploring unknown space and a 21st century airplane that goes directly from A to're laboring in a reality that I couldn't possibly hope to correct and can only say good luck to you in dealing with. Lost only happened once. How many times was the Enterprise in a dangerous situation? Yeah.

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No woman should ever drive a car in a skirt, because she might have to change a tire in the mud. No man should ever ride a motorbike in shorts and T-shirt, in case they fall off. But, of course, these people do. People also mow the lawn with bare feet. Some people manage to do that every week and never cut off a toe, while others have been know to mangle their foot and their boot.
When did I become the fashion police? Regular people can wear whatever they want to wear in any situation they choose. I could go mountain climbing in ball gown if I felt like, it'd be stupid, but that would be my right as an individual person. If I joined the military, however, and expected them to let me wear the plugs in my ears, the barbell in my tongue, and the giant baggy jeans while I went on duty I'd be crazy wouldn't I? (I don't dress like that by the way- just an example.) You've named off a bunch of civilian activities and civilians doing them. Had I said Guinan shouldn't be wearing skirts/dresses it would be different but I didn't say that; my objection is to their standard uniform (not dress uniform- regular uniform) being a skirt that would be impractical and easily dangerous given the situation to work in.

And didn't anyone watch The Crocodile Hunter? There's no action that can't be performed in shorts.
You really want to bring the Crocodile Hunter into this? Well... okay, look how well being reckless worked out for him. (I'm sorry... I know that point might have been made in poor taste but its the truth. Awesome guy for whom I have nothing but respect but c'mon- touting him as an example of how people can flout common sense and get away with it simply won't fly.)


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