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Withers wrote: View Post
Tasha Yar was the effing Security Chief. How much more labor intensive does the job need to be before wearing a skirt becomes a ludacris notion for you?
Did you ever watch the show?

Tasha wore a skant once, in one scene, at the very end of "Encounter at Farpoint", the pilot episode. She was standing behind the bridge rail and most people don't even notice what she was wearing; probably she was about to go off duty after the grueling first mission, and had come up to the bridge to ensure her station was in safe hands.

Every other time we saw Tasha on duty she was wearing sensible long pants.

Withers wrote: View Post
Re Uhura: Finally, yes, it was just as stupid for her to wear a skirt as it was for anybody else to wear a skirt as a uniform in an easily hazardous situation and it is as simple as that. When there's a chance for sparks and debris to contact your skin it's crazy to expose more flesh as opposed to less.
Have you considered that 23rd century Starfleet stockings may have some measure of protection?

Also, by your recommendation, no 21st century airline stewardess should ever wear a skirt on duty, since she never knows when the plane might crash, and her legs might get covered in sparks. No woman should ever drive a car in a skirt, because she might have to change a tire in the mud. No man should ever ride a motorbike in shorts and T-shirt, in case they fall off. But, of course, these people do. People also mow the lawn with bare feet. Some people manage to do that every week and never cut off a toe, while others have been know to mangle their foot and their boot.
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