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In TOS, the controversial mini dress worn by the female crew was essentially co-designed by Grace Lee Whitney, who'd complained to William Ware Theiss that she hated having to wear Sally Kellerman's hand-me-down black slacks in pre-publicity photos and wanted to express 1960s (and 23rd century) femininity by wearing a spacesuit that showed off her legs. (Similar to how womens' libbers made political statements by wearing mini-skirts.)
Yes, the TOS minidresses may look silly and sexist today, but in the era of Mary Quant and Carnaby Street fashions, miniskirts were a symbol of women's sexual and social freedom, much like the short flapper dresses of the 1920s. (How clothing could be considered "liberating" when it forced you to do contortions to maintain a shred of dignity while entering or exiting a low-slung car, I'll never know.)
For TNG, the in-joke was that, this time, the so-called "skant" (short pants that appear to be a skirt) would be worn by both sexes. Several males are seen wearing skants in "Encounter at Farpoint".
Men wearing skants in the future? Naaaah, it'll never happen!

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