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Re: Star Trek: Unspoken Truth - Discussion (Spoilers)

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By and large, I think Trek is the most professional and creative now that it's ever been. If you hate the recent books that much, I recommend you stop reading them!

This one wasn't great though, it's true.
Yes, this one wasn't good and a lot of the other books of the past year or two haven't really been all that creative. If we're considering fan-fiction with off-characterization, the Alpha Quadrant facing yet another Borg-invasion and watered-down recycled plots as creative then yeah, Trek lit has really been creative over the past year or so. But anyways, that's another debate and to each his/her/its own.

'Unspoken Truth' was weak and amateurish, something I wasn't expecting from the author that crafted books like 'Catalyst of Sorrows', 'Strangers from the Sky' and 'Burning Dreams'.
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