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The idea that everyone onboard a ship at some point (not even at some point by your estimation... it's "forever", lol) crawls through access crawlways or climbs ladders is ludicrous. Those areas are for maintenance. For engineers and technicians. Who wear long pants, btw. There are people on a ship who are nothing but administrators, supply people, or in food and beverage service. There's even a barber. Their jobs involve nothing more physical than walking around. And as has been discussed ad naseum since it was first glimpsed, the Enterprise-D is not akin to a modern-day battleship. It is more like a cruise ship with weapons. If you want to pick nits, why not get to the bottom of why flaming rocks shoot out of the walls every time the ship is jostled, not why people wear comfortable uniforms in which to do their comfortable jobs.
To which I said this (preemptively apparently):

How often was Enterprise in a tactical situation? Or a situation where the ship suddenly dropped out of warp, flung everyone on board from one side of the ship to the other, or lost power disabling turbo lifts requiring the use of jeffries tubes for access to other parts of the ship?

I don't have instant recall but I'm thinking that happened at least once or twice, right? Yeah. So they didn't need to be assigned to tactical (though Tasha was) or be "action heroes" in order to be in danger from random explosions (things were always spraying sparks all over the place), debris (I don't even know what the 'rocks' were coming from but they sure lined the carpet every time the ship was hit by enemy weapon fire), or sliced up appendages. By nature of being on the Flag Ship a certain level of precaution (i.e. covering the legs of crew members and enabling them to work more efficiently without requiring them to change clothes) would be expected from any reasonable person.
It certainly seems to harm your sense of self worth to get terse replies.
My sense of self worth? Don't flatter yourself. It only bothers me to get one line replies because you're taking up space from someone who might actually put more than 10 seconds into a post with a valid point someone didn't make on the previous page.

the point is that you are taking the costuming on a sci-fi television show way too seriously.
This is my favorite argument. "I don't have anything left to say so I'm going to say you're taking things too seriously" We're on a forum, dedicated to Trek, in a thread about a show that has been off the air since I was 8 years old. But talking about the Skant Variant uniform in any detail is where you draw the line? Oooohhkay.

So... did you have a point? Or were your esoteric one liners of such immense gravitas I should consult the Dean at Harvard law?

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