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The idea that everyone onboard a ship at some point (not even at some point by your estimation... it's "forever", lol) crawls through access crawlways or climbs ladders is ludicrous. Those areas are for maintenance. For engineers and technicians. Who wear long pants, btw. There are people on a ship who are nothing but administrators, supply people, or in food and beverage service. There's even a barber. Their jobs involve nothing more physical than walking around. And as has been discussed ad naseum since it was first glimpsed, the Enterprise-D is not akin to a modern-day battleship. It is more like a cruise ship with weapons. If you want to pick nits, why not get to the bottom of why flaming rocks shoot out of the walls every time the ship is jostled, not why people wear comfortable uniforms in which to do their comfortable jobs.

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I don't have a word count

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That's refreshing. One line out of a 3 paragraph quote.
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Again, the one-line response, verrrry refreshing.
It certainly seems to harm your sense of self worth to get terse replies. Maybe this quote-reply-quote-reply-quote-reply format of this note will make you feel better.

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I don't think you actually have a point.
Since it seems to have gone flying right over your head, the point is that you are taking the costuming on a sci-fi television show way too seriously. Especially for a costume that was barely around long enough to be seen.
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