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Re: Watching Farscape lately...

Sikozu supposed to be arrogant , annoying and unlikable. That was the way she was written. I accepted her the way she was. None of these characters supposed to be saints after all. If Farscape went beyond Season 4 maybe she would experience more character growth and development to someone sympethic like Crais became in Season 3. We will never know.

The Locket was pretty standart stand alone episode of Season 2. Quite decent in writing/acting mostly. Drama was effective and not forced. Unfortunetely reset button at the end ruins it and makes this episode all too much "stand alone" without any after effects...I mean this could be easily "Clues" episode of Star Trek TNG and if you rip off another episode of another series so blantly it means you are in trouble in creative department.

As for favorite episode there are so many of them. "A Human Reaction" "Crackers Don't.." , "The Way we weren't" , "Out of their minds" , "Season of Death" etc. There are several favorite episodes for me not one episode...
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