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Who says this crewman has to crawl through tubes?
Have you seen an episode of Star Trek before? Any of them? They're forever crawling through tubes, up ladders, and over fallen debris.

Some of them also walk around, delivering beverages and having superior officers sign things. Not everyone on a starship is a "big damn action hero".

Only the ones who's names are in the opening credits.

That's refreshing. One line out of a 3 paragraph quote. Whew... I'm glad I enjoy this.

How often was Enterprise in a tactical situation? Or a situation where the ship suddenly dropped out of warp, flung everyone on board from one side of the ship to the other, or lost power disabling turbo lifts requiring the use of jeffries tubes for access to other parts of the ship?

I don't have instant recall but I'm thinking that happened at least once or twice, right? Yeah. So they didn't need to be assigned to tactical (though Tasha was) or be "action heroes" in order to be in danger from random explosions (things were always spraying sparks all over the place), debris (I don't even know what the 'rocks' were coming from but they sure lined the carpet every time the ship was hit by enemy weapon fire), or sliced up appendages. By nature of being on the Flag Ship a certain level of precaution (i.e. covering the legs of crew members and enabling them to work more efficiently without requiring them to change clothes) would be expected from any reasonable person.

Summarily- all one had to be was on a star ship assigned to anything outside the Sol system to be in danger from the impracticalities formerly mentioned about the Skant variant. (The use of emoticons was cute by the way. I always know people are serious business when they use them.)

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