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Re: Guy in Gown

Was the guy walking down the hallway in a skirt piloting an F-18 or about to parachute?
Tasha Yar was the effing Security Chief. How much more labor intensive does the job need to be before wearing a skirt becomes a ludacris notion for you? You're thinking I have objection to this one guy wearing the uniform and it isn't just him. As I've said at least three times now my objection isn't to the fact that a man is wearing a skirt. And for all I know that guy was a shuttle craft pilot. He could have been the guy in charge of polishing the ladder rungs in the jeffries tubes for all I know- that's all beside the point.

Did Uhura?
This is a little bit different for a handful of reasons. First of all she's a character from the early 1960's not the late 1980's. At that particular time the alternative to making her feminine was making her something akin to "Rosie the Riveter" and I think it's pretty clear they were aiming for feminine with Uhura. Putting Uhura in pants would have detracted from her appeal at that time (or so I assume) whereas today (or when TNG was produced) seeing a woman in pants wouldn't have detracted from their "feminine appeal" (see: Seven of Nine, Kira, Ezri, T'Pol, Crusher).

Finally, yes, it was just as stupid for her to wear a skirt as it was for anybody else to wear a skirt as a uniform in an easily hazardous situation and it is as simple as that. When there's a chance for sparks and debris to contact your skin it's crazy to expose more flesh as opposed to less. ("Hold on Mr Klingon. Don't fire those torpedoes yet. Uhura has to change into her overalls.")

In summation on that point I'm a little more forgiving of Uhura wearing a skirt because it would have been antithetical to what they were trying to accomplish with the character to put her in something else, given the time period in which the show was produced. Two decades later, however, there was no such excuse for it.

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